Puncture Prevetion

Peace of Mind with PunctureProof

PunctureProof is the world leader in puncture prevention and tyre sealant. PunctureProof is designed to protect all pneumatic tyres against punctures up to 6 mm throughout the legal lifespan of the tyres. PunctureProof have been rigorously tested and passed under ECE Regulation 30, safety and quality standards.

PunctureProof is a highly contrived, thixotropic aqueous glycol gel tyre sealant – tested extensively and is completely safe to use. It is non-toxic, non flammable and chemically inert.

We give a written Guarantee (via, the invoice issued by the distributors) for every installation. This means safer tyres, no more punctures and eliminates the need for puncture repair.

PunctureProof’s is the outcome of years of study and careful screening in real-life circumstances. It is tested on the road and in the lab. It couldn’t be safer!

How It Works

PunctureProof is injected into the tyres before a puncture occurs (as a preventative measure). When the tyre rotates, the sealant then coats the inner lining of the tyre surfaces as a means of protection.

When a puncture occurs, the centrifugal force of the tyre alongside the internal air pressure forces the PunctureProof sealant into the puncture sealing it permanently, avoiding lost in air pressure and rapid deflation allowing the motorist to keep driving, never realizing he had a puncture.

PunctureProof is doubly effective as it not only immediately seals the puncture but it also keeps the tyre balanced and protects the rims with anti corrosives in the product.

PunctureProof is also used as a tyre bead sealer. The sealant also keeps air from escaping from the rims during a normal drive. With every trip, the internal tyre pressure is lowered, by small amounts of escaping air, negatively impacting the car’s fuel efficiency, and even increasing the chance of a blowout if the tyre pressure gets too low. This damage is reversible with PunctureProof.

Every drive a motorist takes is comfortable and safe, adding confidence that the tyre pressure will not be reduced during the journey. PunctureProof can extend the tyres lifespan by up to 25%.