What is PunctureProof?
How does it seal a wound in the tread of the tyre?
How does it prevent rim/bead leaks?
What is the shelf life of PunctureProof?
Does a penetrating object need to be removed even though PunctureProof has prevented a flat tyre?
Must a tyre be run after a penetrating object has been removed?
Does PunctureProof react chemically with the rubber tyre?
Will PunctureProof rusts the rim of the tyre?
Does PunctureProof run to the bottom of the tyre when it is not in motion?
Can PunctureProof be used in a tube tyre?
Will PunctureProof seal a puncture in the sidewalls of a tyre?
Will PunctureProof create a hard plug in the tread area of the tyre?
Will PunctureProof dry out in the tyre?
Can PunctureProof plug up the tyre valve while it is being inserted?
Does PunctureProof have Specialist pumps?
What is the current production rate of the PunctureProof factory?
How much PunctureProof is ejected with a full stroke of the pump?
What is the difference between PunctureProof and other sealants?
What difference is there between PunctureProof and other products sold in aerosol cans?
Is PunctureProof flammable?
Is PunctureProof toxic?
How does PunctureProof affect the manufacturer's warranty?
What is the effect of PunctureProof on tyres?
How does PunctureProof perform under extreme temperatures?
Can PunctureProof be installed in used tyres?
What type of tyres can PunctureProof be used on?
What size of container is used to market the product?
What occurs in a tyre when PunctureProof is installed?
Is PunctureProof bio-degradable?
Can PunctureProof work in Nitrogen filled tyres?
Does PunctureProof effect tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)?
Are there other uses for PunctureProof?