Every one of the estimated 1 billion vehicles on our roads today is the market. It is a market that grows year on year. Looking after both private and commercial users, we can successfully treat tyres for cars, (including cars with very low profile, high performance tyres, without an imbalance), Vans, trucks, Motorcycles, Caravans, Construction plant, Agricultural Machinery, Buses, Coaches, etc. Basically any vehicle or machine that has a pneumatic tyre can be successfully treated with PunctureProof.

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Distribution Prospects

  • Excellent Turnover and Profit Prospects.
  • Partnering with the leaders of the industry
  • Assurance of Professionalism, Consistent, Professional services and After Care.
  • Strong repeat business, customer referral, and customer potential to underpin long-term success.

Our Commitment To You

PunctureProof provides each distributor with an exclusive operating territory, access to our systems, technology and branding, intensive training, launch support and ongoing back up services to ensure that your business maximises your area’s potential.

Our Client

PunctureProof and its distributors have PunctureProof installation programs with, Multinational Companies, County Councils, Transport Companies, Construction Companies, Car Rental Companies and Car Dealerships.

Product Guarantee

PunctureProof is the only company that is prepared to give the following guarantees:

  • Approved and Guaranteed by the regulatory bodies for use in All pneumatic tyres on a worldwide basis. No approval means your vehicle is not covered by insurance.
  • We guarantee: that PunctureProof, will perform effectively as a tyre sealant without creating imbalance, to a puncture wound created by a puncturingobject of up to 6mm (¼”) in diameter in the tread area of a designated car tyre or, created by a puncturing object up to 12mm (½”) in diameter in the treadarea of a designated commercial vehicle tyre. Should any tyre suffer deflation within the criteria, after being treated with PunctureProof, thenPunctureProof will repair or replace the tyre FREE of Charge.

Potential PunctureProof Distributors

  • Determined to build their own thriving service business
  • Hungry for success
  • Willing to follow our proven operational manual
  • Not afraid of hands-on work
  • Able to relate well to the public
  • Aware of Customer service

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