• Approved by Regulatory Bodies:

    No other tyre sealant has been approved by international regulatory bodies. We are the only approved tyre sealant in the world. This means that if you use another unproven brand your insurance company won’t cover you.

  • 100% Guarantee!

    Most competitors won’t offer a guarantee their product without numerous terms and a conditions. PunctureProof is 100% Guaranteed. Should any tyre suffer deflation occur after being treated with PunctureProof, then we will repair or replace the tyre FREE of charge.

  • One Product Does It All:

    Most competitors offer several different sealants for each type of tyre. Each with their own pump, so now you have 5 different sealants with 5 different pumps and they clearly state any cross contamination will result in product failure. PunctureProof offers one sealant for every tyre from bicycles to heavy trucks, on or off-road.

Why Waste Your Time and Money With Anything Else?


  • PunctureProof is NON TOXIC:

    PunctureProof will not harm your tyres, rims or the environment. PunctureProof is chemically inert and simply washed away with water.

  • Easy to Clean:

    PunctureProof is easy to flush out unlike harmful competitors products! PunctureProof will flush out with only water leaving no residual stickiness or compound remaining inside the tyre. This is because it is manufactured with glycol as opposed to oil based products.

  • Permanent Puncture Fix:

    Many of these tyre sealant products are designed to repair the tyre after the puncture has occurred and are usually a temporary fix or “limp home” fix which is not permanent. PunctureProof permanently prevents tyre punctures and lasts for the legal life of the tyre and can increase tyre life unlike aerosol can products.

  • Does Not Dry Up:

    Does not change form or shape due to the superior formulations unlike competitors that becomes a hard plug.