It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

  • Works For All Vehicles

    PunctureProof is designed for vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, SUVs, industrial fleet vehicles etc.

  • Preventative Measure

    PunctureProof acts as a preventative measure against flat tyre, blow outs or tyre related road casualties.

  • Reduction in Downtime In All Types Of Vehicles

    For distribution companies, time is crucial as deliveries run on a tight schedule. PunctureProof prevents downtime from occurring thus ensuring business productivity.

  • Non-Toxic

    PunctureProof is safe and environmentally friendly. Usage of PunctureProof will not cause any bodily harm.

  • Protect The Environment

    Last year alone, 4 million tyres were destroyed. PunctureProof helps prevent tyres wastage by extending the life span of tyres by 25 %.

  • Permanent Fix

    PunctureProof is not a temporary “limp home” aerosol can fix solution – it seals the tyres permanently throughout the legal lifespan of the tyres.

  • Single  Application

    One single application of PunctureProof is sufficient to protect the tyres against punctures, blow outs and deflation throughout the entire legal lifespan of the tyres.

  • Anti Corrosive

    PunctureProof contains anti corrosive agents to counteract and inhibit the effects of any corrosion on the wheels and rims prior to installation.

  • Special Adhesives

    PunctureProof contains special adhesives which allow the product to adhere to the inner surface lining of the tyre except for a 25% residual which disperses through evenly throughout the tyre when it is in motion.

  • Balance Tyres

    PunctureProof is effective in balancing the tyres of the vehicles. It does not congeal and cause balancing problems and alterations to the rubber composition of the tyre.

  • Acts As A Tyre Bead Sealant

    PunctureProof is effective as a tyre bead sealant – keeping escaping air from the rims during normal drive. Proper inflation of tyres is crucial in preventing hazardous safety risks.

  • No Mixing Is Required

    PunctureProof sealant comes ready to be applied.

  • Financial Savings

    PunctureProof is cost effective in prolonging the lifespan of the tyre thus reducing the number of mechanic call outs and downtime.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Having regular, correctly inflated air pressure in your tyres can save you money on fuel. Using PunctureProof ensures that the tyre pressure is constant as underinflated tyres decrease fuel efficiency and reduce the life of the tyre as well as reduce rolling resistance.

  • Cooler Tyres

    PunctureProof is heat absorbent and with even pressure run more efficiently and cooler, and this ensures your types last longer too.

  • For All Weather Conditions

    PunctureProof works in all weather conditions hot or cold.

  • Water Dissolvable

    PunctureProof is water dissolvable – easy to wash away leaving no residual effects!